Economic Development

Whitehall Township Industrial & Commercial Development Authority (WTICDA), located in Whitehall, Pa. provides a number of opportunities to participate in the areas of economic growth and stabilization.

Property Development

WTICDA, in conjunction with the Planning Office of Whitehall Township maintains a list of available properties that would qualify for redevelopment through the programs available. These are properties that are under utilized or vacant commercial industrial sites that have the potential to be redeveloped in a productive, cost-effective manner.


Whitehall Township continues to develop financial incentives to promote the redevelopment of the defined properties. These incentives include tax incentives, grants and low interest loans for the elimination of blighted conditions, access to project funding at preferred terms, as well as providing access to additional economic opportunities for businesses that create new family sustaining jobs.

Financing Services

As an Industrial Development Authority, WITCDA has the unique opportunity to provide tax exempt financing for manufacturing, technology and not for profit development projects. This financing is provided through a tax-exempt, bond-financing vehicle provided in conjunction with a developer’s primary bank.


Working as the economic development arm for Whitehall Township, the WITCDA staff has a strong working relationship with Township administration and elected officials. The knowledge of the codes and ordinances of the Township and the state along with our extensive development expertise enable us to act as an advocate for the developer and their professional staff to traverse the development process.


WITCDA continues to promote the development and improvement of state and local legislation that supports investments in our community. This includes providing input into the drafting of local ordinances and actively participating in the legislative process to help shape state legislation that supports our mission and the community.


WTICDA has developed an active, working relationship with the neighboring boroughs and townships. Many of these communities are not large enough to support their own authorities. WTICDA works closely with the surrounding communities in promoting development, assisting with marketing and providing access to the programs described above. Intergovernmental communication strengthens our approach to economic development by building a coalition of stakeholders that can embrace large and small projects alike to ensure optimal chances for success.

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